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Aircraft deicing – from touchdown to take off!

John Bean Technologies Aerotech is a leading global technology solutions provider to the high-value segment of air transportation industries. For over 60 years, JBT has strived to ensure the customers’ success, offering reliability, safety, ease of operation and maintenance.

In several categories of products JBT (formerly FMC) is the chief supplier to the biggest airplane fleets in the world – FedEx and DHL. When you operate large fleets of aircrafts on a daily basis, highly efficient, economic and long-term solutions are the foremost prerequisite.

This we fulfil by offering you the ultimate equipment for de-icing / antiicing. Tractors in all categories for moving airplanes on the ground and a wide range of equipment for handling cargo freight. Let’s move it!


Runway deicing – proven nozzle technlogy

HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH specializesin the application of liquids. Their focus is on the areas of crop protection, municipal and airport technology. High precision of liquid spreading DAMMANN achieves through proven nozzle technology developed over 40 years experiance and innovation.

DAMMANN offers also combi machines: liquid sprayer combinated with solid spreader! Let us know your needs, with DAMMANN technology we will fulfill it!