JT2 Products

Passenger boarding bridges

 We manufacture boarding bridges for airports and seaports all over the world.

Our bridges are designed according to customers demands, and provide safe, dry, and pleasant travel to passengers in any environment from arctic to tropic.

Towable Passenger Stairs

JT2‘s towable passenger stairs are designed to provide passenger access to all types of commercial aircrafts covering door height between 1.8m and 5.8m. Our stairs are in accordance to all relevant IATA AHM norms an EC directives.

Standard configuration:

  • Robust construction
  • Chasiss hot dip galvanized
  • Side sliding panels on platfrom with rubber bumpers
  • Side panels painted with prime and finished with two component RAL colour 
  • Staircase and platform made from antislip aluminium sheets
  • Front platform with spring-telescopic mechanism
  • Rubber bumpers on front side of platform
  • Mechanical lock for staircase in working position
  • Hydraulic hand pump for staircase and stabilizers
  • Solid tyres
  • Steerable tow bar with parking brake
  • Reflective marking adhesive tapes
JT2 Group Stairs


Baggage dolly EP 1600 BD

Container dolly EP 1600 CD
For transport and manipulaton of 60.4 “x61.5“, 60.4 „x47“ containers.

Slavepallet EP 7000 SP
For transport and manipulation of PAG and PMC pallets.

Pallet dolly EP 7000 PD
For transport and manipulation of: 88“x125“, 96“x125“, 88“x108“ – pallets LDl, LD2, LD3, 60.4 “x61.5“, 60.4 „x47“, 60.4 „ x125“ – containers.

Pallet dolly EP 14000 PD
For transport and manipulation of 96“x238.5“ pallets.

Rack EP14000R
For storing pallets and containers.

All these products can also be manufactured in accordance to  customer requests.