Snow Cleaning Equipment


Snow Removal Equipment – Norwegian „Snow How“

ØVERAASEN snow clearing equipment is operated all over the world, from USA through Europe to Russia. Whether in New York, Frankfurt or Moscow – under hardest winter conditions Øveraasen sweepers and blowers ensure safe conditions for aviation on the ground. Who other than a Norwegian company with a tradition of a hundred years can claim to have the best “snow how” in the world?

Øveraasen airport snow removal equipment is based on extensive experience and expertise, and can be used to tackle virtually any type of snow. The unique modular system provides the basis for all airport snow removal equipment.

For use at airports where the demand for speed and capacity is foremost, Øveraasen engineers have developed high-speed, high-capacity units, including the world’s largest wheeled snowblower with an engine power of more than 2,500 hp. Øveraasen – the snow professionals.